Durham Youth Equity Summit

The Durham Public Schools Foundation is partnering with Ignite Online Academy and the Office of Equity Affairs to lead the first Durham Youth Equity Summit. On Wednesday, October 7th, youth from across DPS will have the opportunity to engage in discussion with their peers around equity issues and building youth voice in our schools. Sessions will be led by youth facilitators. Check out the social media graphics in English and Spanish and please share them to your school’s website and social media. Youth can register at bit.ly/DPSYES (all caps).

Teachers are welcome to create an optional “virtual field trip” opportunity with their class to attend the Summit.

LEADurham is opportunity to connect DPS students and teachers with responsive independent study content centered in leadership, equity, and advocacy themes.

Students will complete thought-provoking modules, jump into community conversations, and reflect through an action project. Teachers will receive high quality professional development on race equity and facilitate student action projects. LEADurham will connect students from across DPS and is available to all 6-12 students at DPS schools. Available through Ignite Online Academy in consultation with the DPS Office of Equity Affairs and local partners.


“It’s teaching people how important it is to advocate for yourself and also people that look like you, and advocate for people that don't look like you”

Jay Rahim