Letter to Parents/Guardians

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Parents and guardians:

Teachers, school staff, families, and especially students are adjusting to a “new normal” of learning in a world where we are all staying, learning, and working at home in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. In this new phase of learning at home, beginning Monday, April 6, we are strengthening the connection between our teachers, students, and families and expanding the availability of learning material. We call it “blended remote learning.”

DPS’s vision statement is, “Igniting Limitless Potential.” We are calling our remote-learning initiative “Ignite at Home.” We know that there is no substitute for learning in the classroom, but we will foster our students’ limitless potential in every possible way.

As we continue working together to stop the spread of COVID-19, we will also work together with families to ensure that our students continue to learn and grow. Schools are irreplaceable, and our students are invaluable. Even though we’re required to be socially “distant,” we will not be far from your child.

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