Laptop Check!

1. Plug in your device when you get home to fully charge it!

2. Once your device is fully charged, turn on your device power button.

Important Note: Please remember to re-start your device once a week (to ensure you get all of the updates!)

3. Connect to your wireless access point and verify if you can access

If you are having trouble with your wireless access point, please contact your wireless carrier (i.e., Comcast, etc.) before you call: 919-560-3837

4. Log in with your DPS username and password. If you do NOT know your DPS username or password, ask your Teacher or call: 919-560-3837

As a Reminder: Please shut down your device once a week to ensure your device received required updates!


If you have any questions or concerns (such as a lost, damaged or stolen device) please call the IT Helpdesk directly at 919-560-3837.